Delivering Compassionate Excellence by an Outstanding Team.



Conforming to a unique culture of excellence and innovation, our mission is to promote all aspects of heart health by providing compassionate patient care, quality education and cutting-edge research.




At Peshawar Institute of Cardiology, we are committed to provide a consistent and continuously improving Cardiac Care to sustain and further improve clinical outcomes, patient safety and patient satisfaction through continual improvement of its services and Quality Management System.




Our values guide our behaviour and decisions at all levels and across all our services. 

Therefore, at PIC, our values are; 

  • Everyone Matters

  • Working Together

  • Making a Difference




Our goals set out what we will work on. They are described in four core areas: 

Our Services: to improve year on year the safety of our organization for patients, visitors and staff and the outcomes for our patients  

Our Patients: to be recognized as a listening organization; patient-centred and compassionate 

Our Staff: to develop a highly skilled and motivated workforce that continually strives to improve patient care and hospital’s performance  

Our Business: to ensure our organization is stable and viable with the resources to deliver its vision.