A dedicated Cardiac specific emergency service has been established at Peshawar Institute of Cardiology, the emergency department is designated and limited to take care of Cardiac emergencies only with services available 24/7. The department is equiped with a dedicated, trained and specialized cardiac emergencies including Acute coronary syndrome (Heart Attack), Heart failure, Valvular Heart diseases, Cardiac Trauma, Post cardiac surgical patients and emergency congenital cardiac services.

There has been a lot of effort put in to collaborate and establish a co-ordinated plan with the emergencies of regional and provincial hospitals along with the ambulance services for timely referal, diagnosis and treatment of cardiac patients. 

The key note for the cardiac emergency department of PIC is to establish and provide primary PCI for patients with Heart attack along with strong surgical backup for 24 hours fullfiling the most important aspect of cardiac care in the province.


Scope of Services

Emergency services are open and available 24hours 7 days a week. The emergency is divided into 3 separate areas

1 Triage

2 Fast Track Clinic

3 Cardiac emergency unit and Cardiac care unit (CCU)

A designated room in emergency is available for triaging services. All patients presenting to the ER will undergo the process of Triage. Triage will be performed by a Registered Nurse. Triage involve performing rapid initial assessment of a patient.


Fast Track clinic (Filter clinic)
A separate room is available for non-urgent patients. Fast track services are designed for patients seeking care for non-acute conditions in emergency. Fast track clinic ensures timely patient assessment, treatment and discharge.


Cardiac emergency unit and Cardiac care unit (CCU)
Patients with cardiac emergencies are assessed, treated and disposed of in Cardiac emergency unit and Cardiac care unit. It provides evaluation and treatment to patients of various ages and varying levels of illness from minor to critical.  

Both units are staffed by certified cardiologists, registered nurses and other staff. Cardiac emergency unit consist of 16 beds while Cardiac care unit (CCU) consists of 6 beds.

Both units are well equipped with an adequate number of cardiac monitors, defibrillators, ECG Machines and ventilators.

Dr. Abid Ullah

Assistant Professor & Head of Department ( Cardiology )