Cardiovascular Surgery Department is one of the key stones of newly developed Peshawar Institute of Cardiology (PIC), KPK, Pakistan. This is the largest centre of its kind in the province, helping in the better provision of quality cardiac care.  It is a much needed project for the people of this region. The team consists of great mix of highly qualified foreign trained cardiac surgeons and staff members, who are geared up with latest skills and modern mindset to improve the cardiac services in the province.

The department is structured to take care of both adult and paediatric, simple and complex heart diseases, by dedicated teams including cardiac surgeons, cardiologist , perfusionists , cardiac nurses and imaging technicians, working together to deliver specialized and individualized care for our patients. Our services offer full range of elective and emergency surgical interventions   like coronary artery bypass grafting, valve repair and replacement, surgery for infective endocarditis, aortic aneurysm surgery, repair of aortic dissection and mechanical complication of myocardial infraction etc.

The motive of the team is to provide the highest quality of care with safety and dignity to the community, by utilizing their capabilities to the best, in the presence of a state of the art equipment and facilities. The department is committed to apply principles of early recovery after surgery (ERAS) and comprehensive rehabilitation programs. The team will also engage in short and long term follow up of patients inline with international standards to reiterate their commitment to patient care.   

This department will offer full training opportunities at under graduate and post-graduate level for doctors and other healthcare professionals. It will also provide fellowship opportunities in different areas of cardiacs surgery like off pump/beating heart bypass, valve repair, congenital and aortic surgery. The team is geared up towards establishing a conducive environment for academic, clinical and research based activities for the current and future healthcare providers, to bring a change in the current healthcare system, as well as provide a great medium to equip and nourish the youth for future challenges.

Dr. Abdul Nasir

Assistant Professor & Head of Department (Cardiac Surgery)

Our Services

Elective Coronary Bypass Surgery

Emergency Coronary Bypass Surgery

Off Pump Bypass Surgery

Aortic Surgery

Valve Repair and Replacement

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Heart Failure Surgery

Vascular Surgery