Heart disease continues to be the major cause of death in Pakistani population with a continuous increase in incidence due to the aging population and poor management of risk factors at community and primary health care level.

Peshawar Institute of Cardiology, Mediacl Teaching Institute (PIC-MTI) is the flagship project of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Health Department to improve cardiac facilities in the public sector in the areas of research and treatment.

It was conceived, the construction started and is projected to complete in. It is built over an area of 33 kanals with a covered area of 372000 sq.feet. As part of the MTI act, it is run by a BOG and has an administrative structure as defined in the MTI act of 2015 and its subsequent amendments .It has by-laws and medical staffing regulations, in common to other MTIs as defined by the Health Policy Board of KP.

PIC is almost ready and will be commissioned soon. It is going to be the most modern and well equipped hospital in KP and will provide state of art cardiac care facilities to the poor people of KP who currently have very little access to such care in KP and are forced to seek help in other provinces. These services will be provided by an exceptionally well trained faculty, based on most scientific and evidence based practices.

PIC will help increase the pool of highly trained and motivated medical human resource for other public hospitals in KP and will contribute significantly towards prevention of cardiac illnesses through a robust educational and research program.